...I am only limited by my own imagination...and your budget. (lol)


You found me?!...WELCOME!

 I am a “ Creative“. 

I produce “Sticky” (memorable) advertising and marketing materials for businesses and organizations. 

I am entrepreneurial, I have successfully started and ran businesses.
I help businesses... large, small and even little itty bitty ones.

I help "start-ups" to actually "start-up" and to grow.

I create products... Cool products. 

I create “cartoons”( some squiggly lines and twisted words )

 I am passionate about what I do...I consider it Art.

Art designed to cause a reaction from a targeted group.

l despise the dull and mundane, the safe and tired...it doesn’t work!

 If you want your your message to “Snap, Crackle and Pop”( I plagiarized that from a cereal box).. call me, email me, text me or send smoke signals... whatever...

just get hold of me! 

I'm about  “The bottom line” ... YOURS and mine... it’s  just  good business.
“Nobody goes broke by making a profit.”

Explore and peruse my portfolio and YOU  should get a  better Idea as to what in the world it is that I do.  
If you don’t see something you’re looking for ....just ask!

Thanks for stopping by!

About Me


My Background (blah,blah,blah...sigh...yawn.)

I grew up in Mt. View California, what is now considered “The Heart of The Silicon Valley”. I  received my  formal education at St. Francis College Preparatory, San Diego State University and San Jose State  University (BA Advertising).  I have several years of experience in our family manufacturing business, a variety of my own businesses and over the years I have worked with many entrepreneurs  and marketers. 

I have, like  so  many,  have  learned  some  things  “the  hard  way”...
Oh,  did I  Mention....  “I play well with others.”?


Testimonials (Unpaid...really!)

Yeah, Like I would  post some negative  testimonials here...right?  Lol.  Anyways, as I humbly kick the ground and mutter, “ah shucks”...

read a few things that people have  said  about me. 

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Pricing For Creative Services (you sitting down?)

There are no set  prices  for ”creative services”....I am “reasonable” though...very “reasonable”. I  can  work  with  just  about  any  realistic  budget.

let’s talk ...

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